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After U

Restyled. Retail. Reimagined.

Sophisticated style for the savvy shopper...

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After U

Do you have an upcoming event?  Maybe you're interviewing for that new job or just got the promotion.  Are you searching for that certain something to wear to a wedding, or maybe you just want to look your Sunday best.  Going away for vacation or enjoying a staycation?  Look your best with After U picks.

Come one, Come all

Ladies and gentlemen.  Boys and girls. Big and tall, short and small.  Fashions for all sizes, shapes,and pocketbooks! Break their necks with glares and stares, not the bank with high prices.


After U offers quality, affordable, consignment  items to keep you dressed for the world, with Heavenly prices.


Come visit us weekly for new items we've gotten in.  See how After U can add that extra something.


Mix and match to make something new.  Put this with that and create a new you!